la société

CARYATID AM acts as asset manager and advisor specifically dedicated to real estate business. CARYATID AM is an independent partner owned company. CARYATID AM aims to offer its clients a tailored and comprehensive service in order to initiate and build up a real estate investment position and increase its profitability on a medium to long term basis, and to generate value in all market conditions.
In 2014 four partners, sharing the same professional ethics, each one with several years of complementary experience at a high level in real estate business, have decided to put together their know-how. CARYATID AM has thus enlarged the scope of its activity to cover the entire field of its clients’ requirements. CARYATID AM is positioned as an answer to market’s long term tendencies.



l'analyse des fondateurs

Caryatid AM is the result of the joint analysis of its founders. The increasing interest for real estate, often intended as a strictly financial opportunity, has opened the market to new actors (investors, asset managers, advisors…). Due to constant changes in legal and environmental regulations, tax rules, technical and financial solutions, each operation has become ever more complex and particular Real estate investment then requires both a specific knowledge of the context and a proven operational know-how. This is where CARYATID AM steps in to assist and advise its clients, to come out with solutions and follow operations to their end as to maximize investment value.




CARYATID AM’s commitments:

CARYATID AM has no other interest to take into account than its clients. Every counsel is given on a basis as objective, appropriate and sincere as possible.

CARYATID AM’s analysis covers all the relevant aspects of a deal and investigates all possible solutions or alternatives to achieve its clients’ aim.

CARYATID AM is sized so as to provide distinctive attention to each client through a personal relationship. CARYATID AM is also shaped to put together round the table all the necessary competences for quick and innovative answers.

All CARYATID AM’s partners abide strictly to all international business standards; their professional record testifies their discretion, loyalty and commitment to highest ethical rules.

Such principles are the ground on which CARYATID AM’s partners expect to build a confident, lasting and mutually profitable relationship with their clients.