CARYATID AM offers a global service tailored to your requirements. CARYATID AM provides an all-round analysis of your project and its multiple issues, studies each investment according to your own particular angle, shares with you their widespread experience of previous deals. Most significantly, CARYATID AM stands by your side with the eye of a potential co-investor and will never recommend a strategy which we would not undertake ourselves.




CARYATID AM can take charge of your project all the way from the choice of the best investment strategy to the final sell off. Every stage of an investment process needs the intervention of several different experts or specialists (lawyers, architects, brokers, property managers, technical experts…), whose contribution must be strictly coordinated to drive smoothly your project to its end in time and within budget.



Market analysis

This may turn out to be hazardous for unaccustomed investors, particularly if they are not resident on the spot. CARYATID AM’s team of partners are then able to offer their successful experience in process managing of an external task- force, based on their extensive knowledge of the local professional environment. CARYATID AM proposes to act as your unique agent with responsibility to select, coordinate, survey and control the appropriate contributors to your project. CARYATID AM’s practice of this hub-like organisation explains how a voluntarily restricted and complementary team of partners may provide whenever necessary a comprehensive “all-included” service. And in the same time, the means employed in each case may be strictly adjusted to the needs. CARYATID AM’s offer gives you full hand over your investment which you can manage as a “private account” whereas the usual mutual fund type of real estate investment allows in practice very little to no control of the way business is conducted. Our detailed scrutiny of all the issues involved is naturally capable of taking into
account non-financial considerations such as socially responsible investment and sustainable growth, …




CARYATID AM is able to help define a strategy or set up the financial structure:
complex development problems organisational issues analysis and optimization of operating performance. The strategies we can plan out and conduct are meant to improve the return on investment, provide adequate financing in keeping with your objective of growth, but may also consist in finding paths towards further development. CARYATID AM expects thus to establish and keep up a long lasting partnership with its clients. In order to preserve each client’s interest and maintain its own original approach and critical eye on each opportunity CARYATID AM’s intervention is never bound to the implementation of any one specific deal.